Soft Classic Vs Dramatic Classic In Kibbe System

Soft Classic Vs Dramatic Classic

Are you familiar with the Kibbe system and its different style personalities? If you’re looking to enhance your fashion game, understanding your unique style personality is key. In this blog post, we’ll dive into two of the most popular Kibbe style personalities – soft classic vs dramatic classic. From physical characteristics to styling tips, we’ve got everything you need to know about these two distinct styles. So sit back, relax and get ready to discover which one best suits your personal taste!

Soft Classic Vs Dramatic Classic

Soft classic and dramatic classic are two of the most popular Kibbe style personalities. Both styles exude confidence, elegance, and sophistication but in different ways.

Soft classic is known for its effortless and timeless aesthetic. This style leans towards a softer, more romantic look with delicate curves that complement feminine features. Soft classics usually have an hourglass figure and a moderate height.

On the other hand, dramatic classics embody boldness and grandeur through their fashion choices. This style gravitates towards sharp angles, straight lines, and geometric shapes that highlight powerful features such as broad shoulders or angular facial structures. Dramatic classics tend to be taller with an athletic build.

The main difference between these two styles lies in their approach to fashion – soft classic emphasizes understated elegance while dramatic classic embraces high drama looks.

Whether you’re drawn to the subtle charm of soft classic or enticed by the daring statement pieces of dramatic classic, both styles offer plenty of options for expressing your unique sense of fashion!

What are Soft Classic and Dramatic Classic?

In the Kibbe system, soft classic and dramatic classic are two of the 13 image identities. These two types share some similarities but also have distinct differences.

Soft Classic: Soft classics tend to have a balanced bone structure, with a slightly rounded body shape. They often have delicate facial features, with softly rounded cheeks and jawline. This type is known for their gracefulness and elegance in appearance.

Dramatic Classic: Dramatic classics usually possess sharp angles in their bone structure such as square shoulders or pointed jaws paired with an overall strong presence. They can be seen as bold and striking which makes them stand out in any crowd.

While both types can wear tailored clothing well, soft classics usually prefer more lightweight fabrics like silk or cashmere, while dramatics go for heavier fabrics like wool or leather.

Knowing your Kibbe type is helpful when shopping for clothes; it allows you to choose styles that flatter your unique features rather than trying to fit into trends that may not suit your body type.

Soft Classic Kibbe

Soft Classic Vs Dramatic Classic

Soft Classic Kibbe is a subcategory of the Classic family in the Kibbe system. If you belong to this category, your overall appearance exudes natural elegance and sophistication. People with Soft Classic features have a balanced bone structure, where their shoulders and hips are neither too wide nor too narrow.

One of the distinct traits of Soft Classics is their softness or roundedness around their facial features and body curves. They also have moderate height and weight, giving them an overall harmonious look.

In terms of clothing styles for Soft Classics, they should opt for pieces that highlight their beautiful curves while still maintaining balance and symmetry. This group looks best in soft fabrics such as silk or cotton blends that drape well over the body.

When it comes to colors, Soft Classics look lovely in muted shades like pastels or earthy tones with warm undertones that complement their skin tone beautifully. Jewelry-wise, they can wear delicate pieces made from gold or silver that add just enough sparkle to enhance but not overpower their natural beauty.

Physical Characteristics of Soft Classic

Soft Classic is a Kibbe style that combines the softness of the Romantic style with the classic lines of the Classic type. They have a balanced body shape, with curves in all the right places. Their bone structure is moderate and rounded, without sharp angles or very delicate bones.

  • One of their most striking features is their waistline, which is defined but not too narrow. Their shoulders are slightly rounded and sloping, while their hips are full but not wide. Soft Classics tend to have an overall feminine look that exudes grace and elegance.
  • In terms of facial features, Soft Classics usually have softly rounded cheeks and a small nose with a slight upturn at the tip. Their eyes may be almond-shaped or round, with thick lashes that enhance their natural beauty. Soft Classic hair tends to be medium thickness and can range from wavy to curly.
  • Soft Classics embody timeless elegance and femininity in both physical appearance and personal style choices.

Dramatic Classic Kibbe

Soft Classic Vs Dramatic Classic

Dramatic classic Kibbe is one of the thirteen body types in the Kibbe system. This type blends elements of both drama and classic styles, creating a powerful yet sophisticated look.

Physical characteristics of dramatic classic include angular bone structure, elongated limbs, and an overall tall and statuesque appearance. They have broad shoulders and narrow hips with a straight waistline, giving them an athletic build.

When it comes to dressing as a dramatic classic, bold statement pieces are key. Structured lines, sharp angles and striking silhouettes work best for this body type. Rich jewel tones such as emerald greens or deep purples can add to their commanding presence.

Being a dramatic classic means embracing your powerful side while still maintaining an air of elegance. By carefully selecting pieces that showcase strength without sacrificing style, you can create looks that are both fierce and refined.

Physical Characteristics of Dramatic Classic

Dramatic Classic is one of the thirteen body types in the Kibbe system. It is a combination of the yang-dominant Dramatic type and yin-influenced Classic type. As such, it has distinct physical traits that distinguish it from other Kibbe types.

  • Individuals with a Dramatic Classic body type have an elongated vertical line that makes them look taller than they are. They also have sharp angles to their bone structure, particularly in their facial features like jawline and cheekbones. Their overall appearance exudes strength and intensity, which commands attention.
  • Their frame tends to be narrow but angular – broad shoulders contrasting with slim hips. They often have long arms and legs which create an elegant silhouette when dressed correctly.
  • When it comes to dressing for this body type, they need clothes that accentuate their striking features while maintaining balance between yin (soft) and yang (sharp). Clothing styles with bold cuts or lines work well on them as do stark color contrasts like black-and-white ensembles.

The difference between Soft Classic and Dramatic Classic

Soft classic and dramatic classic are two of the thirteen body types in Kibbe system. While they both have some similarities, there are significant differences between these two types.

One of the main differences is their overall energy level. Soft classics have a more relaxed and moderate energy level, whereas dramatic classics have an intense and dynamic energy level that demands attention. Additionally, soft classics tend to be rounded with softer angles on their facial features, while dramatic classics feature sharper lines and more angular bone structure.

Another key difference lies in their clothing recommendations. Soft classics should opt for elegant pieces with subtle details that enhance their natural curves without overwhelming them, such as wrap dresses or blouses with draped necklines paired with tailored pants or skirts. On the other hand, dramatic classics should choose garments with bold patterns and sharp lines to match their strong bone structure like structured blazers or statement jewelry.

Tips for dressing as a soft classic or dramatic classic

When it comes to dressing as a Soft Classic or Dramatic Classic, there are some tips and tricks that can help you enhance your style game. Here are some suggestions:

  1. For Soft Classics, natural fabrics such as cotton, silk and wool will work best. Avoid anything too tight or revealing – instead opt for clothing with a slightly looser fit that drapes nicely on the body.
  2. In terms of patterns, go for small prints rather than bold ones. Pastel colours look excellent on soft classics and will complement their gentle features perfectly.
  3. Accessories should be simple yet elegant – think pearl earrings or a dainty necklace. Keep your makeup natural-looking too: subtle blush tones and nude lipsticks are ideal.
  4. As for Dramatic Classics, they can really pull off more daring looks! Bold geometric shapes in both patterns and accessories will suit them well; thick belts to cinch in the waistline also work wonders.
  5. Dramatics should not shy away from strong colours either; reds, blacks and metallic shades all make great choices. Statement jewellery pieces like big hoop earrings or chunky necklaces are perfect matches for this Kibbe type.


Understanding your body type and personal style is crucial in fashion. Kibbe system offers a guide to help you understand what works best for your physical characteristics, personality and lifestyle. Soft classic and dramatic classic are two subtypes of the Classic category in Kibbe system.

Soft classics have softness and rounded edges in their physical features while maintaining a balanced overall look. They shine in outfits that highlight their curves without overwhelming them with too much detail or sharp angles.

On the other hand, dramatic classics have angularity to their bone structure while still retaining balance through some softness as well. They can rock bold statement pieces with sharp lines and geometric patterns while still maintaining an overall polished look.

Knowing which subtype you belong to allows you to dress appropriately for your body type while showcasing your unique individuality. By following these tips for dressing as a soft or dramatic classic, you can confidently express yourself through fashion:

– Emphasize your curves if you’re a soft classic
– Experiment with bold geometric shapes if you’re a dramatic classic
– Choose clothing that flatters your figure but also has movement
– Accessorize thoughtfully
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